Our mission is to keep you secure.

We understand the significance of having electricity especially during critical times, and we're here to provide you with the power source you can rely on.

Our Core Values


Relentless pursuit is to deliver products of the highest quality and unwavering reliability.


Our utmost dedication lies in showing genuine care for our customers, employees, and partners.


We aim to empower our customers to explore and thrive in the great outdoors, encouraging them to embrace the outdoor lifestyle.


Minimize emissions, reduce footprint, sustainably care for our planet.

As a natural lover, I really enjoy camping and staying out in the wild. However, before going on the trip, it always take me much effort to prepare, making sure all my gadgets are charged. It comes to me that portable power station is a great solution to eliminate my sense of insecurity and that's I founded Oseriz.

At Oseriz, we strive to offer the best possible solutions to empower everyone to live the lifestyle they desire. Whether exploring nature or relaxing at home, you can always trust us with your back.